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My idea to shape the future of Mesa is...

Donate a downtown building to HeatSync Labs.

For the last 2 and a half years, HeatSync Labs (a 501c3 non-profit) has been the main force driving technology forward in downtown Mesa. It has a very small location fully funded by its members while regularly keeping the doors open to anyone interested in making cool things.

The flickr stream ( ) shows hundreds of projects and prototypes made by people in the lab. Also a few incredible HackPHX ( ) events have been run by the members.

Downtown Mesa has a great culture built on things like the Mesa Arts Center, the museums, and the local restaurants. What it needs is to grow the tech industry. There is no better way to do this than to grow HeatSync Labs.

I propose that half of the building at 26 N. Macdonald be either donated to HeatSync or at least rented out for a very low cost.

Another option would be 108 W. Main (the old Royale building) as a new Home for the lab.

Or perhaps something else of similar sized owned by the city.

More information about the lab is available at

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    LuisLuis shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Bill HoustonBill Houston commented  · 

        A great place for innovation. I've heard that places like this can change the world.

      • Aaron J. HicksAaron J. Hicks commented  · 

        The laser cutter at HSL has allowed me to find a suitable replacement for a product that is no longer commercially available, greatly assisting me in my work in endangered species conservation. It is a valuable resource in the community that serves as an incubator, leveraging a relatively modest investment into jobs and productivity that would otherwise not exist.

        A+, would laser again.

      • James BrooksJames Brooks commented  · 

        HSL makes me feel like I'm part of a forward looking city. It's the kind of cutting edge space that you usually only read about in places like New York or Silicon Valley. In my time here at HeatSync, I've learned how to do basic programming, 3D print, use woodworking tools, and an industrial laser-cutter. I talk about HSL all the time with my co-workers and they all wish they lived closer to Mesa. I'm currently looking to sell my house and move into a new area. You can bet I'll make sure it's close to HeatSync.

      • Larry CLarry C commented  · 

        To give the City of Mesa another idea of other things that HSL does for the community, I will be teaching a class later tonight on the basics of the use of a Milling machine for members who want to start using our machine shop. ( In a few weeks I will teach another Milling class and then a Lathe class...then we will have a CNC Milling class....) Sure would be nice to have more space for THOSE huge tools so more people can use them!

      • Chad StearnsChad Stearns commented  · 

        Ive been at Heatsync for a few years. Everything I have learned about technology I have learned there. Here are some of the things Heatsync has enabled me to do:

        I designed and built my own analog synthesizer:

        I made my own word processor with python:

        I have made countless small laser cutter projects:

        My team competed in (and won) HackPHX 2014 by building a wearable head mounted computer:

        I made my own Sequencer from scratch:

        I did all sorts of raster art design work for my own projects, and other's:

      • LuisLuis commented  · 

        To give an idea of some of the cutting edge things that have been built at the lab:

        Controlling Quadcopter drones with Google Glass:

        The open source FrozenJS HTML5 game engine:

        Harp Hook - Node Knockout 2013 winner

        Rawr - open source library for JSON-RPC over websockets:

        Node-chromify: The ability to run a webserver inside of a browser:

        Draw it Live: An open source colaborative whiteboard/communication platform.

        Parts of Skynet, the open source Internet of Things software were written at the lab:

        The lights at the lab are connected to Skynet, so if a tweet or text comes in, the lights turn color based on the tweet sentiment, and the text is read over the speakers

        The ability to use Skynet as a virtual serial cable to control Arduino and other hardware remotely

        Many, many other hardware and software experiments and products have been built at the lab. These are just some of the ones I've been lucky enough to be involved in.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I would consider this to be phase 1. The next phase would be for Mesa make leases available for startup. That would be the other half of the Court House.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I am consulting with a local company. They are local because the founder was from the area. He went to school in Boston but came home to build his company. MicroSoft is in Seattle because Bill Gates grew up there Fluke is in Washington because John Fluke was from there.

        HSL is going to foster an environment of creativity and some of that is bound to spin off into startups. Startups become companies and they will be local.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I have been only going to HSLs for a month but I immediately saw the benefit it has to Mesa. I am impressed with the work they do with youth. Many of the people interested in building or hacking did not and still do not fair well in high school. Luckily they are smart enough and keep below the radar of the "popular" group. I see HSL as a place where these kids can let their hair down and see that there are others like them and they will do just fine.

        I would be interested if there are any studies should a reduction of school violence when there is a place like HSL in the community.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        It's amazing how much HSL has accomplished, and how much they continuously give to the community on their own dime. I can only imagine what they could achieve with support from the city.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This is such a good idea, I wholeheartedly agree with this. HeatSync Labs is one of the few places where a person can go to create a physical prototype of a creative idea. They have so many different kinds of equipment that is too expensive for the ordinary person like me to purchase; so nice to know I can stop in and use these tools when I need to. And so many friendly people to explain new equipment and safety procedures. Every city needs a place like HeatSync Labs.

        This fits right in with Mesa's goal of revitalization of the city's downtown area. It encourages business and growth, which leads to new jobs and more.

        HeatSync's growth and need for a larger facility shows their success. Let's do it.

      • Crawford HampsonCrawford Hampson commented  · 

        Absolutely support this. As someone who just moved to Mesa, HeatSync is an incredible resource to have in our community, and if the city wants to simultaneously encourage STEM education and tech entrepreneurship, it should be assisting HeatSync in any way it can. HeatSync is straining under the size and infrastructure of its current location, and getting some assistance from the city to expand would go a long way towards furthering its educational mission while showing Mesa's commitment to being a 21st century community.

      • Robert BushmanRobert Bushman commented  · 

        I don't make it to Mesa as often as I would like, but when I do, Heatsync Labs is usually the reason. Their growth and contribution to the technology sector have been extraordinary. Please help this vital non-profit continue to expand its educational mission.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        A thousand times this. Heatsync is the most valuable resource the city of Mesa has, and they should go out of their way to nurture it. It's really the only reason I ever go to Mesa, and I'm sure I'm not alone.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Why hasn't this happened already? The rest of Phoenix has a growing tech scene but Mesa has been dropping the ball for years

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        +1 - I will move out to Tempe if this doesn't happen because Mesa is becoming a boring wasteland with no tech scene

      • Rick BlakeRick Blake commented  · 

        The Heatsync community is busting at the seams because they invest in tools to serve their members and the general community. They aren't wasting space. And they MAKE stuff and MAKE things happen. Not just sitting around and talking, but putting tools to work and doing.

        They will put this space to good and continuous use. Make it happen!

      • Ryan McDermottRyan McDermott commented  · 

        Luis is right. Heatsync labs is THE driving force behind bringing tech to downtown Mesa. If you want to create jobs in tech, a hackerspace is how you do it.

        I'd love to see Mesa turn into a technical hub in Arizona. Heatsync labs has been trying [and succeeding] at making this happen for the last few years. If the city helps, we can do it even faster.

      • LarryLarry commented  · 

        This would be an excellent way for Mesa to support its community, by providing a location for this invaluable non profit educational organization to expand so as to spread knowledge and exposure. The very broad group people that currently take advantage of their facility range from kids to college students, from retired engineers to housewives and far far more.

      • JCJC commented  · 

        A location with shaded and secure outside area would make it easier to work on large projects

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