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My idea to shape the future of Mesa is...

fix roads ,take down the "ghetto" rebuild it

fix roads on sothern to mesa dr and mesa dr to main if feels like a dirt road.

take down the ghetto most of the houses there are empty anyways take them down clear the land sell it to home builders.

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    You have left! (?) (thinking…)
    mesa480mesa480 shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Fareed Abou-HaidarFareed Abou-Haidar commented  · 

        Houses can be refurbished relatively easily. What really gives a bad impression of a neighborhood is the old, decrepit strip malls with title auto title loan stores, check-cashing stores, food-beer-wine stores with umpteen signs on the window... These strip malls usually lack landscaping and have parking pavement right up to the sidewalk. Refurbishing these malls or getting rid of some of them and replacing them with street-side, pedestrian-friendly mixed-use development would go a long way towards reviving what is now perceived as a vast wasteland in the heart of Mesa!

      • MaryMary commented  · 

        Some of the urban blight may be solved with a little clean up.
        Here's another idea.

      • David RitkoDavid Ritko commented  · 

        The idea as written lack insight. I bought one of those older houses and am fixing it up. A littel paint and a few plants make a BIG difference in these older homes. It's the super-dense mobile home parks (i.e.1st St. between extension and Country Club) and dense apartments that are invading and changing the older neighborhood. The older homes around the downtown area have much more personality then the desert colors on stucco new builds. Lets just clean what we got, and fix the streets. Stop approving dense apartments and insist the owners don't allow yards full of junk.

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        We don't want to leave west Mesa...We have owned a home here for 25 years. However crime such as home invasions, night time thefts, is a key reason we are thinking of leaving. West Mesa has far to many areas filled with broken down very old homes that attract a certain kind of inhabitant. I hope you will act on TAKE DOWN THE GHETTO "S". Rebuilding would attract new young families. Also many people would love a safe place to own a home where they could walk or bike to near by cafes and and shops. West Mesa has had a bad reputation for soooo many years......PLEASE lets fix this problem!

      • Amy CampbellAmy Campbell commented  · 

        It is so sad that Mesa480 calls this part of town the "ghetto". There are many of us who have lived here for decades and have invested our lives, families, careers, and our own $$$ in keeping the west Mesa neighborhoods viable. While others abandon the neighborhoods and only criticize the problems they leave behind. I hope the City Council and the other citizens of Mesa will rejoin us in our efforts to improve not only the roads, but also the neighborhoods, historic districts, businesses, and crime prevention in west Mesa. For those who drive by and label us all a ghetto you need to stop and meet the good people who have been holding up this community while others abandon it and say it should be leveled and rebuilt.

      • Patricia BuettnerPatricia Buettner commented  · 

        Way long over due. you did the sewers where is the improvements.

      • ashleeashlee commented  · 

        yea at least fix the roads on mesa dr and southern to country club like seriously!take a drive around Mayor!

      • jakejake commented  · 

        soon mesa will be looking like south phoenix... hope Mesa will do something about this

      • JAUJAU commented  · 

        Mesa does look trashy - and you live in a no HOA, now with the economy as it is, and lack of pride of where you live (rentals) OMG - seems like I bought in what was a very nice new neighborhood in 2002 to be in a worsening situation - not a total gonner yet,,, but pick up trucks parked outside, houses painted in horrid colors, trash cans left outsidefor 2 days, etc.

      • Patrick DockensPatrick Dockens commented  · 

        All good points Will. The empty lots at the SW corner of University and Mesa Drive are another fine example of bulldozing for development not working as intended. If incentives were given to those land owners to fix up their properties (either negative incentives or positive) maybe we would still have a functioning neighborhood there.

      • Will NovakWill Novak commented  · 

        This idea is horrifying. You need to fix up old neighborhoods, not bulldoze them and open them up for sprawl developers. That this "idea" has so many votes shows how ill educated most folks in Mesa are and what a long way the City has to go.

        You ought to read up on the tragic 1950's redevelopment of Bostons West End if you think this sort of thing is a good idea:,_Boston#Urban_renewal

        Having the government level an area because its poor will NEVER work. See all those empty lots in Downtown Phoenix? Its because they tried the same thing....

      • DavidDavid commented  · 

        Government can't just "take" land but there are plenty of laws already on the books that could be inforced. Like Mr. Sheppard said, code enforcement. Also, communities can band together to help one neighbor a month clean up their yard! Get a few folks, bribe them with food, and pull those weeds!

      • Mary AnnMary Ann commented  · 

        Make people clean up or tear down the empty buildings. If cleaned up, the land in Mesa could be far more valuable than it is because it is close to Tempe and Scottsdale. It will take a coordinated effort by government and private to make it all happen.

      • BMontBMont commented  · 

        You don't have to just tear it down and rebuild it. Develop what you have. Definitely need to get more 'Nightlife' options downtown, but also develop those options thoroughout the city. Don't penalize those with lower incomes and limited expendable income because they are your definition of a Ghetto. Embrace the area for what it is and the culture of the area. Many people say area between Country Club to Stapley, between Broadway & Southern is the Ghetto. The area is an older part of town so you are not going to see Brand new homes and development; however, what you do see is a culturally-binded area. Artistic murals on walls are well done by talented people. The area is vibrant with neighbors interacting with each other. For the normal person driving through, it may look like the Ghetto compared to their new subdivision. I'm quite sure that you may not be as close to your neighbors as they are. This area should be marketed as a historic and Hispanic neighborhood. Maybe some pointed architecture when entering this area (Think Fiesta District, Downtown). I have lived near this area, have friends in the area and would be caught there at night. I haven't been robbed or been messed with either, so any of your stereotypical comments need not respond.

      • David SheppardDavid Sheppard commented  · 

        Mesa really needs to get back into code enforcement. Enforec the up keep of the alleys and vacant lots,change the noise abatement codes, limit or curtail the ongoing "YardSales", clean up main arterial frontgages. Most of the area bordered by Southern to University and Dobson to Gilbert Rd. look and sound and smell more like a collection of Barrios than suburban neighborhoods.
        West Phoenix and South Glendale are right there with it.
        But like Glendale and Phoenix, the further North ones goes the better the neighborhoodsget and most people don't care if they can't see it.

      • mesa480mesa480 commented  · 

        make mesa look like a city people like to call home and not be ashamed of there home. like really just let down townmesa have a night life! put a starbucks a bar a hookah bar. make it better then mill ave ha if you let it happen you wont regret it people would actually stay in mesa and not go to tempe or phx at night just saying....

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